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What You Should Know Before You Buy Liquid Vitamins

These days, it is extremely hard to avoid learning about the liquid vitamins because they are being advertised everywhere online, it appears. In this article, we are going to take a look at all of the information you should know before you buy a liquid vitamin.


One example of the most popular liquid vitamin is the Seasilver. However, there as been action filed against this company by FTC so there is the possibility that it may no longer be available. As it is mainly claimed by several of these companies as well as their distributors, liquid vitamin supplements possess almost a complete absorption rate, which is normally quoted at ninety eight percent.

There is also another claim that is associated with this one; ninety percent of all of the nutrients that you take within a pill or tablet form are truly going right down the toilet. However, are all of the claims really true? Is there any real form of benefits to these liquid vitamins? Are there any drawbacks?

First, take a look at the claim that are made by liquid vitamin supplements that state that all of the supplements that are taken within a pill or tablet form are ninety percent waster or excreted. In all honesty, this statement is very misleading. Here's the main reason why, within the quality of the supplement, there is a huge variation.

On one of the spectrum's end, you have the mass produced cheap vitamins that are sold within the supermarket chains. All of these supplements are created by using the cheapest ingredients possible along with the cheapest excipients. Since there are excipients used, all of the nutrients are going to mostly be released within the stomach and because of that they are going to be destroyed by all of the stomach acid.

It is in the case of all of these supplements, ninety percent of all of the vitamins are going to be wasted going down the toilet. However, you have to take into consideration that according to the spectrum's other end; there are some companies that manufacture supplements that are highly sophisticated, which are often mentioned as nutraceuticals. All of these companies are known to use potent, all-natural ingredients that are extremely expensive.

There are indeed some of these supplements that because of there difference, do possess delivery systems that are highly sophisticated. In conclusion, it is very dishonest for all of these purveyors of the liquid vitamins to attempt to make a claim that all of the supplements in the pill or tablet form have a poor absorption level.

Before you buy liquid vitamins you should take a look around at all of the products and compare them, I am sure that you will find that comparing the variety of supermarket vitamins to the sophisticated nutraceuticals is similar to comparing oranges to apples.


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